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Aspen Promise


Give with Impact.


Increase the impact and value

of philanthropic spend.


Innovation Driven, Cloud & Device Agnostic


Through innovation, we take gifts farther.

Through the cloud, we keep donors connected to their gifts once they have cleared their account.


Stay engaged. Go beyond the check. Aspen Promise.


The Aspen Promise Foundation is partnering with fundraisers, schools, healthcare providers, and related non-profits, to donate necessary funds and technology. Check back for further announcements.


Our carefully tailored programs share one mission, to get the most "bang" for your "buck."


We look for and document key performance indicators (KPIs) that change positively for your beneficiaries.


We use analytics with big data to create corporate style dashboards.


Donors and beneficiaries track progress long after the initial donation, to see how far the donors' dollars go.


The programs and tools that we develop touch and engage the beneficiaries directly.


These programs may also improve the processes of an intermediary (such as a non-profit partner,)


At a minimum, our programs provide direct impact, but never just an improvement for the intermediary. 


One of our KPIs, the ratio of the financial value of the donation versus the value of a financial improvement on the other side of the investment.


For example, a $50k investment results in a $200k savings for the organization administering the program, a value multiplier of 4X. 


The crown achievement of an AspenPromise program, to create systemic change for the better.


We first define the system where your dollars will go to work to create change.


Then we define the change that you would like to see and tailor a program to create that change.

The Aspen Promise Giving Platform.

The world is complicated enough. Wondering about the impact your donation dollars are having?


Partner with us and watch your donation's value go farther.





Aspen Promise




How do you want to make a difference?

How we work


Analysis Stage


We first meet with our clients (companies, foundations, non-profits, and private individuals) to discuss their current corporate responsibility strategy or philanthropic giving as it may apply.



Requirements Stage


We then look at their current spend and what their goals and aspirations are. 



Design & Execution Stage


Based on the donors' preferences, we will plan, build, and execute programs in one of the following four areas:


Education, Health, Social Equity & Eco



Measuring & Reporting Stage


Last but not least, we measure the success of the programs with key performance indicators (KPIs) and continue monitoring the progress, all in the cloud.


This way every cent spent is a cent tracked, and more important, its impact recorded. All is reported to stakeholders via the cloud on their device of choice: computer, tablet, or mobile.



  • Companies

  • Foundations

  • Non-profits

  • Private Individuals

  • Family Offices



  • Measured Results

  • Direct Impact

  • Value Multiplier

  • Systemic Change



  • Education

  • Health

  • Social Equity

  • Eco

Aspen Promise

Aspen Promise


How we are different

Distinct Areas of Work


We focus on four distinct areas that are relevant to today's society: Education, Health, Social Equity and Eco - the environment.


Bespoke Programs


All of our programs are custom, in-house designed, and executed, vis-a-vis our donor's vision.




Innovation is about finding a new way of doing something better. We focus on finding new ways of meeting the beneficiaries' needs that are more efficient than the status quo and achieve more.

Measure, Measure, Measure


The programs we deliver are constantly measured so that donors know exactly where their money goes, what the impact is, and how far we were able to stretch their dollars.


Tech enabled Programs


We take advantage of the constant leaps and bounds made in technology, and stay current with the latest.


Cloud + Mobile


We stay ahead of the curve and build programs that focus on leveraging the cloud and mobile devices. Whether for telemedicine, blended learning, eco - environmental causes, our presence and impact is pervasive.




Aspen Promise








Our Aspen Promise Cloud technology gives a 360 degree view to all stake-holders.


Whether on a personal computer, a computer at the office, tablet, or mobile phone, all relevant data is available for viewing and analysis.


Take us with you on your iPhone or Android device.


Track milestones, results, savings, and watch your philanthropic spend goals be achieved.


Cloud technology delivers unfettered transparency into where your philanthropic giving currently is, archives, and where it is going.


Success Stories

Success stories


Duke University
Pillars 4 Life

Pillars 4 Life provides resiliency training in an online coping skills course for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis or serious illness.


Problem: Nurse practitioners administering the Pillars 4 Life training to cancer patients were faced with an inefficient, manual process of reviewing the training with patients.


AspenPromise Solution: With a $10K donation from Enardi and UpperRanchCo and AspenPromise programmmed Medical Android Tablets connected to the Aspen Promise cloud, nurse practitioners were able to more effectively administer the training, saving the Duke program hospitals a total of $200k per year.


Buddy Program Aspen

The Buddy Program runs five programs throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, including one-on-one mentoring, group/experiential mentoring, and financial literacy education.  In addition to mentoring experiences, the organization provides professional case management, extracurricular activity scholarships, continuing education scholarships, therapeutic counseling and other benefits for K-12 students. 


Problem: Drop-out rates.


AspenPromise Solution: With a yearly donation from UpperRanchCo through AspenPromise since 2008, The Buddy Program has been distributing laptops to students graduating high school, increasing the engagement rate in the Buddy Program, which at 4.4 years, is already double the national average.


The Aspen Promise laptop program incentive  effect has helped retain a higher number of students to stay in the program through the end of 12th grade.

Donor: Enardi and UpperRanchCo    

Cause: Health

Direct Impact: Patients  

Cause: Education

Direct Impact: Underprivileged students

Donor: UpperRanchCo    

Aspen Promise turned a $10K donation into a yearly $200k savings.

Aspen Promise turned a yearly laptop donation into higher engagement rates. 


Value Multiplier


Rate of engagement 

IGEN Intrinsic Genomics
UpperRanchCo The Upper Ranch Company
Aspen Center for Integral Health
accenture chicago triathlon
Montgomery Blair Magnet Program
EMI Systems MapDecision



Aspen Promise

Aspen Promise
Grassroot Project DC
Scholar Academies
Stanford University


CityBridge Foundation
C2SDK San Diego

Our Story

Our Story
UpperRanchCo The Upper Ranch Company
Desiring a sense of corporate responsiblity as a start-up, The Upper Ranch Company established its philanthropic initiative in August 2005, Advancing the Aspen Idea(TM), later renamed Aspen Promise.
With the company being less than a year old and with limited resources, pro bono work utilizing tech know-how became the chosen path.
The Aspen Promise was spun out into its own entity in April 2013.
Founder/Chair: Vlad C Enache





Vlad C . Enache

Aspen Promise Foundation

135 W. Main Street

Aspen, CO 81611

(970) 920-3709

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Aspen Promise

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